Thursday, January 6, 2011

Goodbye, Double-Down. =(

Yesterday was a sad day, for more reasons than just our Mens Jr. Hockey team losing the gold medal game to Russia.

I found out that KFC is no longer selling the double-down. .......

The double down was awesome, and never got the credit it deserved. Two Original Recipe chicken breasts, bacon, and cheese. Genius. The media bashed it, without ever really doing the research, or giving it a chance.

FACT: the double down had the EXACT same number of calories as a Big Mac (but was more filling than a Big Mac)
FACT: the double down had only 3 more grams of fat than the Big Mac (32g vs 29g in the Big mac)
FACT: the media hasn't, in any recent memory of mine, put the kind of negative media out against the Big Mac that it did against the Double-Down.

To be fair, I was warned from the start. KFC *did* advertise it in Canada as a 'limited time' item. Nevertheless, Double-Down, you'll be missed =(

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